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Fort Wellness Counseling provides counseling services to all ages in Fort Worth, TX.  Just check the counselor profile on the team page to make sure that therapist works with the age you are looking for. Contact us if you have any questions.  Currently, Hannah Causey, MA, LPC and Karen Blandino, MEd, LPC are the only providers seeing clients under the age of 18.  

The cost of your service will vary depending on the provider you choose and depending on the service you select.  The initial counseling sessions and regular counseling sessions are $150 to $175 depending on your provider. If you want to be able to see your counselor for an extended period of time beyond the typical 50 to 55 minutes, you can book a 90 minute counseling session. The 90-minute session pricing will vary based upon counselor. Coaching sessions with Drew Myers are $125 per session.  Be sure to verify the cost of the particular service you are attending with the provider you will be attending your appointment with.  You can find this information for each particular provider under their designated team member page under the subheading “Session Rates”.  

If you would like to schedule an appointment at Fort Wellness Counseling, you can do so easily online. If you prefer, you can also contact us via the contact form, and we will be able to find a good time that will work for you and our team. If you prefer to email, please email Another option is to schedule an appointment by calling 682-232-4003. Besides scheduling online, email is usually the easiest method, and we will respond promptly within 2 business days, if not sooner.

We are an out-of-network provider. We do not accept insurance, but we will be happy to provide you an itemized receipt for counseling services provided. You can submit this itemized receipt to your insurance provider for a possible out-of-network claim. You will need to follow-up with your insurance provider regarding this. Reimbursement of any amount cannot be guaranteed.  For questions specific to your policy, contact your health insurance provider and ask about out of network benefits for mental health therapy and individual counseling.  Mental health therapy is approved for Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts.

Yes. We provide services to all ages. However, not all our therapists provide services to children and adolescents.  You can find out which ages the counselor works with on their designated bio page. On the bio page, look towards the bottom under the heading Client Ages.

We provide intensive counseling services for all ages in Fort Worth, Texas, and surrounding communities.  Our office is located on the west side of Fort Worth, and we also provide virtual sessions throughout the state of Texas.

The goal of counseling is driven by what the client hopes to gain out of therapy. Some seek counseling to help decrease symptoms of depression or anxiety, whereas others seek counseling to improve relationship problems or to help improve self-esteem. In general, it is fair to state that the goal of counseling is to improve emotional well-being and improve the quality of your life. You can learn more about what to expect at your first counseling session.  

The initial intake session at Fort Wellness Counseling will vary depending on the provider you choose.  The initial counseling session can range from 50 minutes to approximately 75 minutes. The goal of the initial session will be to get a detailed history of the past and to develop a game plan for how to move forward. Following the first session, subsequent sessions will last approximately 50 minutes.  

We accept all major forms of payment, which includes cash, check, Venmo, Chase QuickPay with Zelle, and all major credit and debit cards. We use the Square Point of Sale processing system. You can also pay by using a purchased Gift Card. Mental health therapy is also approved for Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts.

Fort Wellness Counseling Center is centrally located in a convenient location on the west side of Fort Worth. We are located within the Restore + Revive Wellness Center at 4927 Byers Ave, Fort Worth, Texas 76107.  We have four offices located inside the building – room #’s 208, #210, #211 and #212.  You can pull up the directions easily on Google Maps

Great question. The reasons that bring you into therapy & the severity of these will determine the frequency of the counseling process. Most people prefer to meet with a counselor once a week, once every two weeks, or possibly even once a month. When you meet with your counselor at Fort Wellness Counseling for your initial intake counseling session, this will be something we will discuss with you. The frequency of counseling will be a decision we will make together.  If you’d like a recommendation for how frequently you should be attending, please ask your therapist and we will be happy to provide a best practice recommendation.  When first getting started, it is generally easier to get some traction when you start either weekly or bi-monthly.  

This is going to vary from person to person, as every individual is unique and has a different story to tell.

The initial intake counseling session at Fort Wellness will cover several different themes throughout the session. We will first discuss the intake paperwork and discuss the Informed Consent. From there, we will discuss what brings you into therapy and what your highest hopes are to accomplish while you are in treatment. After getting a detailed story about what brings you into therapy, we will discuss a game plan with how we will get there.

Yes. If you are going to cancel or reschedule your counseling session you will need to give us at least 24 hours of advanced notice. If you cancel on the day of your appointment, or do not show up and do not give ample notice, then you will be responsible for the contracted fee for a regular counseling session. Simply put, just be respectful of our time and we will do the same for you!

Yes, we do. You can check it out on the privacy policy page

Yes! Please check out our Facebook Page. We are currently working on providing frequent updates on there, as well as some links and articles from reputable sources that you might find helpful. Don’t be shy and like us on Facebook if you like what you see.  Good news – we also have an Instagram page as well.  Please keep in mind that the social media accounts are NOT therapy.  Follow us and like us to stay up to date with our most recent content and other relevant updates.

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