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Drew Myers

Make the important things important, starting with YOU. Always put your goals, dreams, and aspirations in the spotlight – because that’s where you belong.

in·ten·tion·al·i·ty (noun)

/inˌten(t)SHəˈnalədē/ 1.) the fact or quality of being done on purpose or with intent. 2.) an attitude of purposefulness, with a commitment to deliberate action.

The power of hiring intentionality coach, Drew Myers

For starters, let’s cover the fundamental meaning of an intentionality coach. Intentionality is the defining characteristic of a person’s mental state when deliberating about an intention. While the intention is about doing, intentionality is about being. The intention is the “what”; intentionality is the “how.” Intentionality and intentionality work together to form a complete picture with purpose.

As an intentionality coach, Drew Myers believes you must embrace your story to live a bold, adventurous, and intentional life. The good, the bad, the ugly, and the past, present, and future. He encourages people to wake up in the morning, choose to be happy, and do one thing in the morning that feeds their souls.

Drew fell in love with getting people to think differently. He pushes the message that life is short, life is precious, and we need to act accordingly. The problem is we live in a world where people aren’t living that way. We live in a world where people use words like stuck, stale, bored, confused, trapped, and busy to describe their lives. He inspires people to live life on purpose and to live a bold, adventurous, and intentional life.

Traits of an Effective Intentionality Coach

Each coach has unique qualities. However, some traits are fundamental that coaches have in common that make up an effective intentionality coach.

  • Effectively communicates
  • Encourages, motivates, and inspires
  • Demonstrates active listening skills
  • Respect and value the client and coach relationship
  • Cultivates empathy
  • Passionate about helping others
  • Strategically challenge their clients to get results
  • Great at problem-solving and brainstorming solutions
  • Always learning to be their best for clients
  • Embodies compassion

One-on-One Intentionality Coaching Focus Areas

  • Empower them to be their best self
  • Cover goal setting
  • Learn what it means to have mental toughness and self-motivation
  • Increasing self-confidence and self-trust
  • Learn emotional intelligence and resilience
  • Understand the characteristics of a leader
  • Learn the difference between leading and following
  • Discuss the importance of a team
  • Learn ways how to be an example and lead by action
  • The power of a vision board and visualization
  • Develop a personal mantra
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Learn how to manage emotions and intensity
  • Engage with the parents of athletes through a questionnaire
  • Possess a certain level of empathy
  • Discuss truths and affirmations
  • Cover the three components of communication:
  • Verbal Messages – the words we choose
  • Paraverbal Messages – how we say the words
  • Nonverbal Messages – our body language

Coaching Services Drew Myers Offers:

  • Intentionality Coaching
  • Mindset Coaching
  • Mental Performance Coaching
  • Coaching for Young Athletes
  • Select Sports Athlete Mental Performance 
  • Private School Sports Mental Performance
  • Mental Resilience Coaching
  • High-Performance Athlete Mental Performance Coaching
  • Personal Development
  • Transformational Coaching
  • Wellness Coaching
  • Health Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching
  • High-Performance Coaching
  • Business Executive Coaching

Drew Myer's Core Values

Be a Change Catalyst

Drew is positively impacting the lives of others with his #liveonpurpose initiative on his syndicated radio show and podcast. By inspiring action, he encourages change and impacts those who follow through and experience desired results.

Neutral Thinking

Drew believes in the power of neutral thinking. Therefore, he teaches you how to not allow yourself to get too high and not get too low. Stay neutral.

Empower Community

Drew gives people the tools to confidently live the life they want by identifying what’s important to them and their surrounding communities. He empowers them to put their goals, dreams, and aspirations in the spotlight.

Inspire Others

Drew is a masterful storyteller who challenges people to embrace their stories. His story resonates. His secret: Be real.

Approach to Coaching: Build Self-Trust and Self-Confidence Through Neutral Thinking

Neutral thinking was coined by Trevor Moawad, a top-rated mental conditioning coach and the world’s best brain trainer, according to Sports Illustrated. Neutral thinking is about accepting the outcome of an event or situation as it is, regardless of whether that outcome is good or bad. It’s human nature to desire a different outcome, but getting stuck in those feelings only creates regret and frustration. And ultimately, the outcome remains the same. With neutral thinking, you’re encouraged not to overthink a situation but rather accept it for what it is. You’re encouraged to stay neutral with your thoughts so that your behavior (not feelings) determines what’s next.

Additionally, it’s essential to minimize negative thoughts so that your mind is open to improving performance. Furthermore, language is so powerful that when you speak negative thoughts aloud, the sentiments are multiplied and be 10x more powerful than thought alone.

Having a neutral mindset can help you focus on what’s happening in the present moment and not stress over the past or future. This mindset helps you live intentionally by drawing your focus and attention to your actions. Transitioning to a neutral mindset takes time, effort, patience, and work. It’s not instantaneous; it takes intentionality and consistent practice.

Meet Your Coach, Drew Myers:
Intentionality Coach in Fort Worth, Texas


Hometown is Duncanville, TX. Coming out of school, Drew wanted to write for Sports Illustrated. During College that shifted to being a roadie in a band.

One-on-One Coaching

He works with individuals, focusing on where they are in their story and helping them get to where they want to go. At Fort Wellness Counseling, he will see high-performance athletes on the mental aspect of their sport and high-performance business executives looking to take their profession to the next level.


Master in Educational Administration Prairie View A&M University. Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications with an emphasis in Journalism Midwestern State University.

Sixes Podcast

"Sixes: Same but Different" podcaset is where Drew and Fort Wellness Counseling connected. He said he had the honor to interview Rane Wallace as part of a six-part podcast series on mental health. They instantly connected, which led to inspiring conversations that usually started with, "what if..."

Location and Interests

He currently lives in Rainbow, Texas, on the banks of the Brazos River. He enjoys running at least one mile daily, movies, and writing (blog post or next book).

Published Author

Published Author of the book “The Tacos and Chocolate Diet” released in September of 2021

Interesting Mentions

He has a Life List of 55 things to accomplish in 555 days. Also, he is a worm farmer. His favorite title is "Dad" to his two children - Crash (12) and Ily Belle (9).

Importance of Stories

As a motivational and meraki speaker, Drew reiterates how important our stories are – the past, present, and the future and the good, the bad, and the ugly. He says that he would not be where he is without following the crazy path that he has traveled. He reminds audiences that life is short and inspires them to make essential things meaningful.

Path to Destiny

Drew had 11 jobs in 11 years after graduating from Midwestern State University. During that time, he kept his heart and mind open and finally embraced his gifts of speaking, writing, and pouring into others.

Work with Athletes

Experience with athletes of all levels, including an Olympian and Collegiate Golfer. Serves as the Mental Skills Coach for Select Baseball Team for Three Years. His most impactful on-the-job training came as a college football coach and recruiting coordinator for a major Division I football program (Go Frogs!)

Meraki Speaker

Drew has traveled across the world delivering the inspiring message of his primary keynote, “Make the Important Things Important - Starting with YOU!”.


Certified Coach through the John Maxwell Leadership Program

Kind Words About Drew Myers, Intentionality Coach in Fort Worth Texas

“When Drew speaks, he has the audience in the palm of his hand. He is a great storyteller; you can hear a pin drop one minute, laughter the next, and tears building up in your eyes. Drew makes you want to access your own goals in life and realign them to live an intentional life.”

Drew Myers Intentionality Coach in the Media

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