What is EMDR Therapy Fort Worth?

EMDR therapy Fort Worth, Texas

Looking for EMDR therapy Fort Worth? Our certified and trained EMDR clinicians explain everything you need to know about EMDR in this blog post.

What Is Brainspotting Therapy?

Brainspotting therapy for trauma release

Brainspotting therapy is an alternative technique used to release trauma. Here are brainspotting risks, benefits & brainspotting vs. EMDR.

12 Benefits of Gratitude

a person practicing gratitude and enjoying the benefits of it.

Regularly practicing gratitude is intrinsically linked to our mental well-being. This blog post covers the top 12 benefits of gratitude.

10 Best Ways to Calm Yourself Down

Scrabble pieces that say inhale, exhale and repeat.

This how-to guide covers the 10 best ways to calm yourself down when you’re overwhelmed, angry, or anxious. Discover which ones work for you!

How to Set Boundaries Between Family Members

A couple arguing and pointing fingers at one another during conflict.

Setting boundaries with your family members lays the framework for healthy relationships. Learn how to set boundaries between family members by reading this helpful blog article.

The Effect of Stress on Your Body

A female that is stressed out.

Are you feeling stressed out? Overwhelmed? Increasingly anxious? If so, you aren’t alone. Learn how stress impacts your body in this article.

How to Stop a Panic Attack

A male that is experiencing a panic attack and severe anxiety.

A panic attack can be overpowering. Knowing what to do can help you regain control. This article looks at 9 ways to stop a panic attack. Learn how.

Mental Health and Working from Home

A person working from home.

It’s essential to watch your mental health when working from home. Discover how working from home impacts your mental health and learn mental health tips.

8 Signs You Are Addicted to Porn

A male that is addicted to porn and looking on his computer.

8 Signs You’re Addicted to Porn. How do you know if your porn use is problematic? In this article we reveal how you can find out. Learn more.